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Surveillance and Fraud Investigations

If fraud was a legitimate company it would rank in the top of the Fortune 500. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that fraud, if a business, would have grossed over $68 billion last year. With this in mind, is it any wonder people try to trick the system?

NDRC’s team of special investigators does more than “sit in the bushes and wait”. We aggressively pursue information to assist you in your evaluation while our team utilizes up to date equipment and tactics to capture the subject on camera. NDRC conducts surveillance using proven methods that maximize results and cost containments.

Worker’s Compensation Fraud Investigations
Designed to develop and verify unadmitted activities by the claimants. NDRC will check previous claims history, present and past activities, and do a complete background profile on the individual. After the work is complete, all NDRC investigators are available to testify in legal proceedings regarding their case.

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons Investigations
Everyone has at least one file with an unlocatable debtor, witness or subject. NDRC maintains contacts, sources and databases nationwide to help locate these individuals. NDRC utilizes our resources to locate your unlocatables.

Information and Financial Investigation
Business and individual assets (fiscal and otherwise) are often hard to come by and even harder to interpret. NDRC maintains sources and records for legally obtaining reports and financial statements. Once we have the information, we will analyze it and send you a report outlining the details.

Our Company Philosophy
Our company revolves around our clientele. Each client is an individual with individual needs for each case. 

National Data Resources prides itself in its ability to service our clients’ needs. You are guaranteed that, before we even begin our work, we are certain of your specific needs.

Sample Listing of Services Provided by NDRC

Legal Searches
            Statewide, Local, County, Township
            Civil and Criminal History
            Federal Bankruptcy
            Public Filings
            Divorce/Marriage Records

Motor Vehicle
            License Tag Information
            VIN Searches
            Driver’s License Searches

Location and Verification
            Social Security Number Traces
            Nationwide Surname Searches
            Phone and Address Searches
            Medical and Professional License
            Prior Employment Verifications

Business Intelligence/Asset Services
            Corporate Records Searches
            Business Profiles
            Liens, Judgments, Lawsuits
            Business Credit Reports
            Payment Histories
            UCC and Public Filings
            Financial Summaries

Bar Spotting
            Making sure bartenders are doing their jobs
            Not serving minors
            Charging for all drinks, etc

Domestic Investigations

Small Business Employee Checks
            Make sure your employees are doing what you hired them to.             We can make sure that you are getting your moneys worth.

Background Checks
            Ensure potential employees do not have any "red flags"
            before they are employed that they may not be forthright

National Data Resources Corporation
is a full scale investigative, surveillance and information consulting firm guaranteed to bring you results.

Our goals are to both service and educate the business community in the areas of investigations, surveillance, and information awareness.

Fraudulent Claims Cost
Fraudulent Claims are costing your company real money. As fraudulent claims increase, operational budgets, raises and other financial assets decrease. When this happens, most companies have no other choice but to increase their prices to offset the inequities. This causes most consumers to re-evaluate their costs and need to use your services. National Data Resources Corporation maintains a large network of contacts and databases in order to provide you with the information you need to protect your company and its assets.

NDRC = Results
NDRC investigators are fully trained and equipped with the latest surveillance techniques and equipment. NDRC knows what it takes to deliver quality work and we provide the best in the business.


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